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New fast-paced game mode
Four strikes and you're out!
With four lives instead of health and an initial crew of heroes to start with, you'll be KO-ing your enemies in no time flat.
Tier 1
Ol' Scatterblast
Snapfire readies her shotgun, blasting enemies within her range and slowing their attack speed.
Mortimer Kisses
Dragon Ability: Mortimer spits globs at his enemies. Each glob deals damage to all enemies within radius of impact and lights them on fire.
New Alliance
When a Spirit casts an ability they enter a charged state. When 3 Spirits are in a charged state together, they perform the forbidden technique of the triangular Delta Slam, each dealing magic damage to all enemies caught inside and applying their elemental effects.
Ace Tier
Void Spirit enters the aether, disappearing and creating 3 portals. After a few seconds he exits one of the portals to reduce armor and deal damage to nearby enemies.
Void Elemental
Passive: When Void Spirit executes a Delta Slam, he Breaks affected enemy units for several seconds.
Also coming to Underlords...
Storm Spirit
Tier 2
Ball Lightning
Storm Spirit becomes volatile electricity, charging across the battlefield and deaing damage to each unit he passes through.
Storm Elemental
Passive: When Storm Spirit executes a Delta Slam, he disarms affected enemy units.
Earth Spirit
Tier 3
Geomagnetic Grip
Earth Spirit summons a Stone Remnant off the map and pulls it towards his current target. Enemies struck by the incoming Stone Remnant are silenced and take damage.
Earth Elemental
Passive: When Earth Spirit executes a Delta Slam, he silences affected enemy units.
Ember Spirit
Tier 2
Sleight of Fist
Ember Spirit dashes around with blazing speed, attacking all enemies within range, then returning to his start location.
Fire Elemental
Passive: When Ember Spirit executes a Delta Slam, he sets affected enemy units on fire.